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Creating an appropriate and supportive environment for People of Determination in accordance with the best standards adopted in this regard, is one of the top priorities of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department. For this purpose, the Department set out the following policy:

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department's Policy towards People of Determination

As part of the Department's efforts to create an appropriate and supportive environment and develop communication channels to reach people with disabilities, thus enabling their integration into society and facilitating their access to facilities, services and information provided by the Department, the policy towards people with disabilities was set out as follows:

  • Facilities of the Department will be designed to enable People of Determination to easily access and benefit from them;
  • Means of communication will be provided to receive and reply to applications and enquiries of People of Determination in relation to services provided by the Department. These will include the website, phone number or any other means used by the Department;
  • Parking spaces will be designated for People of Determinations who are visiting the Department;
  • one employee will be qualified and assigned to follow up on matters related to People of Determination at the Department , give them priority treatment when visiting the Department and reach them in their location if necessary, in order to help them complete their matters at the Department, and
  • A special follow-up team will be set up to implement this policy and any other requirements relevant to People of Determination.

Integration and Empowerment of People of Determination

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department is committed to integrating and empowering People of Determination and giving them fair employment opportunities through the following:

  • Spare no effort to recruit and appoint UAE national People of Determination in positions that fit their health conditions and enable them to perform their duties;
  • Give priority in recruitment to People of Determination job applicants, unless their disabilities prevent them from performing the job duties according to a medical report issued by a competent medical committee approved by the Department, and
  • Provide the Department's People of Determination employees with all necessary means to perform their job duties, equip their work stations appropriately according to the nature of their disabilities, and develop career and professional advancement programs that ensure their participation in different areas of the Department on an equal basis with their colleagues.
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