The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department undertakes the following statutory functions by virtue of its establishing law:

  • Receiving complaints and claims against the Government entities and seeking amicable settlement, in accordance with the statutory procedures.
  • Representing the Government and all Government entities in claims and disputes, filed by or against them, before the competent judicial authorities, reconciliation and arbitration committees and centres.
  • Licensing advocacy and legal consultancy firms and supervising their practice, in addition to issuing the necessary rules, bylaws and resolutions.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements of which the Government or any other Government entities are parties of, upon their request, as well as representing them in negotiations relating to their contracts and agreements.
  • Reviewing all articles of association pertaining to companies and corporations established by the Government or by other Government entities, including any companies that the Government or other Government entities are parties to.
  • Providing legal support to the Government and all other Government entities to enable them to effectively carry out the duties and functions conferred to them.
  • Compiling and maintaining an archive of all documents and records relating to contracts and agreements, memorandum of understanding executed between the Government or other Government entities with external entities.
  • Supervising the training and qualification of advocates and legal consultants by administering training courses, programmes, and workshops in all areas of law, with the aim to train and qualify legal professionals that shall benefit Government entities.
  • Drafting and publishing legal research, studies,and specialised legal journals.



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