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The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department is upon request, tasked with drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements, to which the Government or Government entities are a party, to ensure compliance with the legislation in force in the UAE and, to safeguard G​overnment interests. Therefore, the Department drafts, reviews and prepares Government contracts and agreements, and provides legal advice on all types of contracts and documents related to procurement, including but not limited to:

  • Bespoke contracts for complex and high value matters e.g. e-commerce platforms, partnerships between the public and private sectors, integrated software device platforms (including cloud services), fitting-out and construction works, and contracts for a varied and wide range of commodities and services, leases/assignments/intellectual property, memoranda of understanding and RFPs, in addition to Government contracts and agreements related to procurement and services.
  • Contracts and agreements, which carry a financial burden for Government entities e.g. (material supply contracts, contracts for execution of works or provision of all types of services). in addition to contracts which generate revenues for Government entities (sale contracts for movable and immovable property or leasing the same), to ensure their compliance with the legislation in force in the UAE.
  • IT contracts to which the Dubai Government is a party e.g. software and hardware operation and maintenance contracts , in addition to integrated software, device platforms (including cloud services), communication and broadcasting contracts of all types, devices, equipment related to their operation and maintenance and registration of its ownership, intellectual property and trademark contracts.
  • In addition, the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department provides assistance and legal support to Government entities on negotiations with suppliers and service providers concerning the provisions, terms and conditions of contracts and agreements in a manner that ensures safeguarding the interests of Government entities. The Department also reviews all memoranda of association of companies and foundations created by the Government or Government entities or to which either is a party.
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