Service Description

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, under its establishing Law No. (32) of 2008 and Executive Council Resolution No. (22) of 2011 Concerning Fees and Fines Prescribed for the Advocacy and Legal Consultancy Profession in the Emirate of Dubai, is tasked with considering and deciding upon complaints relating to professional conduct made against registered advocates and legal consultants, in accordance with the Department’s procedures, as follows:

  • The Complainant completes the “Complaint against Advocates and Legal Consultants Form” accompanied by a statement of claim signed by the Complainant containing details of the complaint and relevant supporting documents, either through the smart App or, the Department’s website Click
  • The Department will notify the Respondent of the complaint and request his/her response.
  • A team of legal counsel will consider the complaint and prepare an initial report.
  • The complaint, together with the initial report, will be referred to the Professional Conduct Committee of the Department for determination.
  • In accordance with the Department’s procedures, the Respondent has a right to file a grievance against a decision to impose disciplinary action against him/her within one month from the date of the decision.
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