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    The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, under its establishing Law No. (32) of 2008, is tasked with receiving complaints and claims made against the Government and Government entities in the Emirate of Dubai, and seeking amicable settlement, through a specialised team of legal counsel, in accordance with the procedures set out in Law No. (3) of 1996 Concerning Government Claims, and its amendments, as follows:

    • The Complainant completes the “Complaint against Government Entities Form” accompanied by a statement of claim and relevant supporting documents, either through the smart App or the Department’s website Click Click .
    • Within one (1) week of receiving the complaint, the Department will send the statement of claim and any supporting documents to the Government entity, requesting their legal commentary and feedback within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt.
    • After receiving the Government entity’s feedback, the Department will seek to settle the dispute amicably.
    • In the event that no amicable settlement is reached, the Department provides the complainant with a statement to this effect.
    • If, after two months from the date of submitting the claim, no amicable settlement is reached, the complainant may file proceedings against the Government entity.

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    H.H. Ruler's Court– Fourth Floor - Al Fahidi Road – Dubai - United Arab Emirates. P.O Box: 446


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