On the occasion of the Emirati Women's Day, the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department held a seminar entitled "woman and creativity", which welcomed Engineer Muna Kazem and Author Shahad Al Abdouli.

His Excellency Dr Lowai Belhoul, Director General of the Department, said that celebrating the Emirati Women's Day on 28 August of each year shows how the visionary leadership of the UAE holds the pivotal role and distinguished status of Emirati women in such high esteem. It is a token of gratitude to the Emirati woman in all fields and recognition of their achievements that contribute to boosting the development and  growth of the UAE.

Dr Belhoul stressed that Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak is a source of pride for all of us,  an epitome of a successful leader who devoted all her efforts to support and empower women to play an active role and effectively contribute to achieving development.

During the ceremony, His Excellency expressed his pride at the  achievements made by Emirati women, who have proved they can take responsibility and assume leadership positions. Like their male counterparts, Emirati women  achieved  numerous successes. The Department has always been committed to empowering UAE female employees, to the extent that in percentage terms, their numbers exceed that of UAE male employees working at the Department, in several legal and technical fields. His Excellency also regards UAE experienced staff as a real treasure that the Department is keen on optimising.

His Excellency hailed the legal environment established in the UAE which empowered women to engage in several legal disciplines. The official figures of the Department demonstrate a remarkable increase in the number of UAE female advocates registered with the Roll of Practitioners in the Emirate of Dubai: there are 179 UAE female advocates so far. His Excellency added that UAE women's involvement in legal work made a paradigm shift to this vial sector. UAE woman proved her efficiency and capability to win the trust of litigators at court.

On a similar note, Engineer Muna Kazem talked about her experience working in  government, commending the role played by Emirati women who could bring about  societal change.

Author Shahad Al Abdouli also discussed the challenges she met in her career, stressing the importance of determination for women in achieving their ambitions.

In conclusion, Al Abdouli dedicated a poem to mothers of martyrs in recognition of their sacrifice for the nation.