The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, in cooperation with the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, held a first aid training course aimed at enhancing the ability of its staff to cope with medical emergencies.

The course was intended  to raise awareness about first aid principles by training attendees to deal with emergencies, take appropriate action to provide first aid in various instances, comply with public safety rules when providing first aid to injured persons and deal properly with each injury before the arrival of professional first aiders. 

The course encompassed lectures about basic first aid principles and the importance of having the necessary medical materials both in the workplace and at home. During the course, practical training was given on how to provide first aid immediately for various kinds of medical emergencies including the dressing of wounds, fractures, bruises, bleeding, etc. The training also dealt with delivering first aid to suffocating adults or infants and correcting common misconceptions about dealing with various accidents before transferring the injured persons to medical centres.