The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department held a lecture titled "Steps Towards Positivity", in order to assist in creating a positive work place and encourage employees to be innovative at work.

His Excellency Dr. Lowai Mohamed Belhoul, Director General of the Department, emphasised that positive energy, given its crucial role in encouraging creativity,  productivity, boosting efficiency and development, is a subject of paramount importance  for the leadership of our country.

The lecture, given by instructor Hanan Al Sammak of the Department, highlighted the positive impact on employees' loyalty and commitment when working in a motivational work place.

Al Sammak also addressed the role of employees in coping with challenges and obstacles, and gave some insights on how to maintain positive energy and adopt strategies to dispel negative energy and psychological stress. The instructor illustrated various real life examples of where individuals had overcome challenges and accomplished excellence, happiness and success throughout their career.

  The lecture culminated in Al Sammak signing her new book "Hayatak" (Your Life), which deals with positive energy, its impact on our life and how to expel negative thinking, maintain emotional balance, be aware of problems, and live in peace and harmony with other members of society. 

Legal Affairs Department conducts a Lecture on the Role of Positive Energy in the Work Place