​As part of a series of consultative meetings aimed at developing the Advocacy and Legal Consultancy Profession in the Emirate of Dubai, the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department held a round table consultation with a number of advocacy firms licensed in the Emirate, to discuss the preeminent aspects of the development policy for the legal profession, receive feedback and identify the most common obstacles faced by advocates in their daily practice. 

In his opening remarks, Dr Lowai Belhoul, Director General of the Legal Affairs Department, highlighted the importance of coordination and consultation with the advocates, given that they were the primary objective in driving the development policy. Dr Belhoul also stressed that, as the regulator of the profession, the Department is committed to engaging the advocates as their partners in all matters relating to the development of the legal profession, with a shared vision of bringing the profession in full alignment with international best practices. 

During the meeting, the rationale and objectives of the development policy for the legal profession were discussed with the aim of creating an appropriate legal environment in line with the socioeconomic development of the Emirate. The policy seeks to ensure a positive impact on the standard of legal services provided in the Emirate, as per the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the attending advocates commended the initiative and the Department’s  collaborative and inclusive approach in seeking to further develop the legal profession. A set of recommendations was agreed upon,  which the Department will consider and compare to international best practices and advise the competent authorities on their conclusions in order that the appropriate decisions are implemented.