In line with its endeavours to develop the legal profession in the Emirate of Dubai, the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department held a consultative meeting on 18 January 2015 with Dubai Courts and the Public Prosecution to discuss the prominent features of the development policy for the legal profession. The meeting was attended by a number of judges, public prosecution members, and counsel of the Legal Affairs Department.
Dr. Lowai Belhoul, the Director General of the Legal Affairs Department, emphasised the importance of consultation and coordination with the Dubai Courts and the Public Prosecution as strategic partners in the development of the legal profession in the Emirate with a view to conducting a comprehensive review of the standards and conditions for licensing law firms and registering lawyers, and developing procedures for supervising them to further enhance the legal profession, consistent with best international practices.
Justification for the development policy was felt necessary, in order to create an appropriate legal environment to keep abreast with the development of the Emirate in economic, social, development sectors, thus further  improving legal services rendered in the Emirate, in line with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021.
The representatives of the Dubai Courts and the Public Prosecution commended the efforts made by the Legal Affairs Department to strengthen the coordination and cooperation through holding this meeting to discuss the preeminent aspects of the development policy. A stronger partnership between the courts and advocates ought to accelerate the litigation process and best serve the interests of justice.
At the conclusion of the meeting, a set of recommendations was agreed upon that would seek to further enhance the legal profession in the Emirate.  The Legal Affairs Department will consider and compare these recommendations with best international practices and thereafter advise the competent authorities of their findings for them to take appropriate decisions in this regard.
Driven by its commitment to enable advocates to be involved in the development of the policy of the legal profession, the Legal Affairs Department intends to hold a consultative meeting with a number of law firms licensed in the Emirate to receive their feedback on these topics and to discuss the main obstacles they face in their profession.

The Legal Affairs Department Holds a Consultative Meeting with the Dubai Courts and the Public Prosecution on the Development Policy of the Advocacy Profession in the Emirate of Dubai