Legal Affairs Department Employees Honoured at Annual Ceremony to stimulate competition in government performance

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department held its annual ceremony to honor its distinguished employees to stimulate competitiveness and enhance capabilities with a view to raising the bar in the Department's work and developing its performance. The purpose of this is to achieve, thanks to the efforts of its employees, the Department goals in leading government work and making its plans for institutional excellence a success.

The ceremony covered various job categories in line with the standards of excellence set by the Department in this regard, whether at the individual level or at the level of work teams and committees, which reflects the eagerness of the Department's staff on perfection and fostering a competitive team spirit to achieve excellence and pioneering.

In this regard, His Excellency Dr. Lowai Mohamed Belhoul, Director General of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department affirmed that the Department has been keen to establish a clear policy based on performance benchmarks that contribute to an atmosphere that builds institutional trust and creates a dynamic competitive environment where everyone is invited to strive diligently towards excellence. In doing so, the Department understands that the pursuit of excellence at work is not a luxury, but a necessity. The Department is also aware that continued success depends on creating a working environment that contributes to enriching competencies and developing practices to achieve the highest possible level of performance in government work.

His Excellency Dr. Belhoul emphasized that dedication and teamwork are the key to tremendous achievements made thanks to integrated visions and unified efforts. Employees of the Department have shown with all sincerity that a sense of responsibility is a powerful incentive to achieve more with a high degree of professionalism and proactivity.

The Director General urged everyone to redouble efforts to shape a brighter future for the Department, taking inspiration in this approach from the visionary leaders who encourage and cherish initiatives, productivity and lofty values, and foster a culture of excellence with a view to boosting government performance under the banner of excellence, innovation and pioneering.

Legal Affairs Department Employees Honoured at Annual Ceremony to stimulate competition in government performance



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