Stemming from its belief in the importance of consolidating joint institutional work as a key pillar for the success of government work and achievement of overall development goals, The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department organised a training workshop for the members of the Police Judicial Council of the General Headquarters of the Dubai Police on litigation values, traditions and ethics, hearings management, deliberation and the issuance of the judgments.

In his opening statement, Dr. Juma Obaid Al Falasi, Director of the Advocates and Legal Consultants Affairs Directorate of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, affirmed that the Department is keen to enhance the cooperation aspects and exchange of experience with all the Government entities concerned with the legal work. The Department attempts to achieve this goal through different channels including conducting training courses that promote the legal knowledge of the enrolled persons with special focus on the judicial work to improve the confidence level of the members of the public in the legal and judicial system in the Emirate.  

Legal Counsels Tarek Fayek and Ibrahim Habashy from the Government Disputes and Claims Directorate of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, started the workshop by pointing out to the importance of an independent judiciary as stipulated and emphasized upon in the laws in order to protect the rights and to establish justice. This constitutes a main guarantee for upholding the rule of law and for establishing values of justice which represent the responsibility of the judicial members.     

The workshop included a presentation on the values and the ethics that the judge should possess such as righteousness, integrity, impartiality and listening to the parties of the dispute. Such values and ethics are critical to reach the truth and establish the rights of the litigants. Compliance with the requirements of the judicial hearings was also touched upon during the workshop through identifying the rules of valid hearings pursuant to Article (37) of the Executive Regulation No. (33) of 2020 of the amended Federal Law No. (11) of 1992 On UAE Civil Procedures Code.

In the light of the importance of the deliberation of the judgments, the workshop also discussed the guarantees that ensure that the judgments are issued pursuant to the principles of justice and a correct application of the Law, through the rules and procedures regulating the deliberation of the judgment between the members of the Police Judicial Council. It also shed light on how these rules and procedures are aimed at assuring that the rendering process of the judgment is based on an exchange of impartial points of view and valid legal opinions in a confidential, independent and respectful manner and eventually based on a valid reasoning and in compliance with the legal principles. This makes the deliberation of the judgements a guarantee for the rights of the litigants and an inherent pillar of the litigation process. 

"Legal Affairs Department" holds a training workshop for the members of the Police Judicial Council