The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department revealed that the total number of advocates registered with the Department last year increased by about 8% from 2019. The number of advocates registered with the Department until the end of last year was to 1234, of whom 637 are authorised to plead before the Court of Cassation in the Emirate of Dubai. The number of Emirati women in the legal profession (297) also saw an increase of about 12% compared to 2019, accounting for 24% of the total number in the Emirate.

Areas of Work

His Excellency Dr. Lowai Mohamed Belhoul, Director General of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, affirmed that the high percentage of Emirati women registered on the roll of advocates with the Department reflects the significant efforts made by the Department to support Emirati women. It also reflects the desire of Emirati women to explore various fields of work and to participate in development outside of the government sector. The increase in the number is another indication of how keen this category is to capitalize on their academic qualifications to serve the national legal sector, and to become active partners in both the public and private sectors.

His Excellency added that the Department annually launches many initiatives and partnerships to enhance its practices, to ensure continuous improvement of its operations and to raise the bar of the services it provides to its customers.  First among these is the legal conference that was held remotely under the theme "Legal Work in the Time of Covid19", which saw the participation of 65 government entities along with several advocacy and legal consultancy firms operating in the Emirate of Dubai and which was attended by more than 800 participants. The Department also signed a MoU with DGHR Department regarding the "Legal Professional Diploma", which aims develop and enhance the capabilities of legal professionals working in the Government of Dubai.

Substantial Cooperation

Dr. Belhoul explained that last year was marked by a substantial cooperation with the Police Judicial Council which was briefed about the best practices at the Department and the processes related to claims filed against the Government and Government Entities. The Department and Police Judicial Council held a training workshop remotely on "Providing Reasons for Disciplinary Decisions" to raise awareness of proper procedures in legal work. There was also a significant cooperation with Dubai Courts in developing work processes in the litigation System for government claims initiated by the Department in which it represents the Government of Dubai and the Government Entities before the competent judicial bodies in order to ensure speedy enforcement of the rights of such entities.

Strategic goals
Dr Belhoul pointed out that the Department was keen to fulfil its key tasks and to achieve its strategic goals through continuous cooperation with its strategic partners. Foremost among the objectives of such partnerships are the implementation and development of legal functions, the development of advocacy and legal consultancy sector. His Excellency also highlighted various partnerships that aim at developing the institutional work in the Department in coordination with leading government entities and some relevant institutions from the private sector. His Excellency indicated that these partnerships came within the framework of agreements and memoranda of cooperation.

Legal Professions
Dr Belhoul explained that among the Department's partners is the Dubai Police General Headquarters and pointed out that there is also a mutual cooperation with the DIFC Authority in developing legal professions, and a significant cooperation with Dubai Customs in exchanging knowledge and practices as part of the "Partners for Excellence" initiative, and a cooperation with Dubai Smart Government in terms of Digital transformation.

The Department cooperated with the Supreme Legislation Committee on the Tawtheeq System, and signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Dubai Future Foundation on creativity and innovation laboratories and empowerment, concluded an agreement with the Communications Regulatory Authority (Etisalat) regarding computer emergency response team, established a mutual cooperation in the evaluation and development of systems for accrediting the internal training programme for legal consultants in GCC countries in collaboration with the Association of Corporate Counsel, signed a MoU regarding mutual cooperation in the legal professions in the Emirate of Dubai in collaboration with DMCC, in addition to strengthening its corporate partnerships with the various partners of the legal system be it locally or federally.

1234 Advocates Registered with the "Dubai Legal", 24% of whom are Emirati Women

1234 Advocates Registered with the "Dubai Legal", 24% of whom are Emirati Women