As part of its efforts to enhance awareness of the safety and security standards when using information technology, the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department held a remote training for all its employees on cyber security policy and electronic protection methods in the workplace. The workshop seeks to efficiently implement digital transformation in the Government of Dubai in line with to the Information Security System Specification - ISO 27001.

The workshop touched on core concepts in cybersecurity and its importance in protecting data on the cyberspace from hacking and security threats related to data, networks, cloud computing and applications, in order to preserve the confidentiality and privacy of data in its various classifications.

The workshop also expounded in details about potential risks that threaten the security of information on smartphones, including piracy, text messages scams, ad fraud, weak cipher, and installing applications from unreliable sources, which may expose the smartphone to piracy to access data and information illegally.

The training workshop provided several tips for safeguarding private information on social media sites, especially not displaying personal information, and not sharing them  on these platforms in order to maintain the privacy of data.

The workshop also gave a detailed explanation of the information security policies applied in the Department to provide the highest level of protection. The workshop also shed light on the clear standards, measures and frameworks that must be observed while dealing with data in the cyberspace in order to provide a safe digital work environment, and to keep the institutional reputation immune to cyber-attacks or hacking, in accordance with cybersecurity standards applied by the Government Dubai.

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department Held a Remote Workshop for its Employees on Cybersecurity