The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, in cooperation with the Dubai Courts, held a meeting to discuss the procedures and mechanisms that would enhance the litigation process of government claims made by the Department on behalf of the Government of Dubai and its affiliated Government entities before the competent judicial bodies, in order to ensure fast  enforcement of the rights of these entities.

During the meeting, the two parties discussed the Department's request to update the Dubai Courts electronic system to be consistent with its work requirements when registering government claims and electronic filing of legal memos, which in turn supports the two parties in their efforts to implement the Dubai Paperless Strategy and maintain the continuity of remote work. The meeting also explored ways to grant the concerned consultants in the Department the power to access governmental claims registered in the system in order to ensure their follow-up.

The meeting also tackled the procedures for executing the judgments issued in favor of government entities, the submission of claims by the Department through Weyak' service, as well as the fees for service of notice for the cases initiated by the Department. Overall, this aims to streamline the procedures carried out by the Department as part of its duties and functions stipulated by its establishment law.

The meeting was attended by Senior Legal Counsel, Salah Jassim Bin Kalban, Head of Government Disputes & Claims Directorate, in the presence of Legal Counsel Rafik Raouf Bahnam, Head of Government Disputes Section and Legal Counsel Samy Hassan Abdelgalil Head of Execution Section from the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, and by Mr. Khaled Al Shehhi, Head of Central Services Division of Customer Happiness Department, Mr. Ammar Saeed Al-Hashemi, Head of First Instance Cases Preparation Division of Cases Preparation Department, Mr. Omar Mohamed Sharif, Head of Advertisement Section of Lawsuits Services Department, Ms. Mona Al-Mulla, Head of Planning and Development of Systems and Smart Services Division of Information Technology Department, Mr. Badr Ali Al-Harfy, Head of the Advertisement Unit of Lawsuits Services Department, in addition to Mohammed Abdel Ghani Turki, Mohammed Saif Alkhasibi, Mohammed Abdel-Baqi Ahmed from the Legal Affairs Office at Dubai Courts.

Dubai Legal and Dubai Courts Discuss Remotely the Development of the Procedures for Dealing with Government Claims