As part of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department's efforts to develop its work strategies both at an  individual and institutional level,  to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of performance  in such a way as to  keep pace with  ongoing developments in modern management systems, the Department has implemented the electronic "Tawqeet" system. The Department first began to implement Tawqeet almost two years ago and has trained all its employees on how to use it. Tawqeet enables the Department to measure and monitor the productivity of its employees and to calculate the time spent to accomplish daily tasks.

Features of the System

The System provides a record for all the Department's registered cases, classified chronologically. As soon as an employee commences a task during official working hours, Tawqeet calculates and records the time spent by the employee to see the task through to completion, and links it to the appropriate case.  Tawqeet is also designed to record and save data related to the nature and description of each task allowing an automatic calculation of time spent by the employee on each task, by close of business daily.  Reports are easily generated allowing the extraction of statistical data that can assist in accurately measuring and evaluating employee productivity, irrespective of whether the employee is working remotely, or from the Department's premises.

The system, which is applicable to employees at all levels, is user-friendly and characterised by the abundance of options available to classify reports and provide detail regarding time spent on task completion or the subject matter of the case  both at an employee or organisational unit level.

"Tawqeet" is linked to the other electronic systems used by the Department, including "Tawtheeq", which is the main system employed to electronically document and manage case files assigned to the Department's employees, to allow  follow up on timeous case completion.  Linking both systems provides a comprehensive, effective and efficient digital solution for managing all cases together with individual tasks relating to the services the Department provides to its clients.

Performance Assessment

His Excellency Dr. Lowai Mohamed Belhoul, Director General of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, stated that the use of this system allows performance and achievement levels  at both an individual and institutional level, to be measured.

His Excellency also highlighted that Tawqeet affords employees the ability to assess their own performance level and assists the Department to more accurately identify the capabilities of its employees whilst enabling it to track workflows remotely.  This undoubtedly contributes to the achievement of the strategic goals of Dubai Government in terms of enhancing the efficiency of its personnel, measuring and improving performance indicators, and identifying areas for improvement and development, to enhance performance within government and raise the level of services provided to its clients.

Work Remotely

His Excellency Dr. Belhoul noted that the long-term vision to build the future demands that we have a level of preparedness for future challenges, devise solutions and provide alternatives that will ensure smooth implementation and business continuity. Therefore, "Tawqeet" has made a significant contribution to the implementation of the directives of the Dubai Executive Council to work remotely as part of the precautionary measures taken to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus "COVID-19". The Department relies on Tawqeet to extract employees' daily reports to monitor their performance during official working hours, which ensures service delivery at the best levels of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, and guarantees the best investment of the employees' time.

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department Implements an Electronic System to Measure Its Employees Productivity

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department Implements an Electronic System to Measure Its Employees Productivity