His Excellency Dr. Lowai Mohamed Belhoul, Director General of the Department affirmed that "great nations are built by the sacrifices of their sons. To sacrifice oneself for the sake of the nation's deep-rooted values and inherent principles represents the ultimate dedication" added His Excellency.


Dr. Belhoul added that Martyrs' Day is an historic event to commemorate the sacrifices that reflect the steadfast allegiance of the UAE's sons to their nation and leaders. It is a story that will be narrated to the coming generations and will instill in them a true sense of belonging, loyalty and patriotism. The country's martyrs will remain etched in the nation's memory as "heroes who have been true to what they have vowed before God" and who have attained martyrdom for the sake of defending the noble values that shaped the UAE's history and civilisation. This is  strong motivation for every UAE citizen to be more dedicated and be one of these loyal soldiers who await the call of duty even if it means  giving the most precious of all sacrifices to allow the UAE to remain a beacon of progress and prosperity for ever.


Dr. Belhoul said that on this occasion, we show our respect for the sacrifices of our heroic martyrs and their families, and affirmed that Martyrs' Day reflects the leadership's recognition and gratitude to the sons of the nation who offered their blood and lives defending its stability, security and dignity.

Director General of Dubai Legal Affairs Department: Martyrs’ Day Immortalises the Values of Sacrifice and Heroism that Shaped the History and Civilisation of the UAE