His Excellency Dr. Lowai Mohamed Belhoul, Director General of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, received a high profile delegation from Thailand, headed by Mrs. Garofan Hingter Akol, Secretary General of the Cabinet of the Kingdom of Thailand, accompanied by a number of legal counsel and other personalities representing many Thai government entities in the presence of H.E the Consul General of the Kingdom of Thailand in Dubai.

His Excellency welcomed the delegation and hailed the close relations between the two countries, highlighting the significance of this visit that comes within the framework of improving cooperation and coordination between the two countries.

Dr. Belhoul confirmed that this visit aims at exchanging expertise and gaining first-hand knowledge of the Department's legal practices and the latest developments in the legal field in the rapidly changing Emirate of Dubai, which is witnessing a comprehensive development process in all fields.

In turn, Secretary General of the Royal Thai Cabinet praised the outstanding level of the Department’s legal system processes especially with regard to the amicable settlement of government disputes. This clearly reflects the Department's keenness to apply the government legal work’s best practices and latest smart technologies in the provision of government legal services.

At the conclusion of the meeting, both parties exchanged commemorative gifts and highlighted the importance of such visits, which would reflect positively on the improvement of legal and judicial services and would assist in the achievement of expeditious justice.

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department receives Delegation from the Cabinet of Thailand