Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Murr, Director of General Department of Human Rights at Dubai Police received a delegation from the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department headed by Mrs. Maryam Khalifa Al Falasi - Head of Government Contracts and Agreements Directorate. The visit aimed to provide a brief on the Legal Affairs Department's "Government Entities Portal".

During the meeting, Brigadier Al Murr welcomed the guest delegation and stressed the importance of the partnership and cooperation between Dubai Police and the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department in relation to legal affairs and praised the mutual collaboration in this regard.


Use of the Portal:

The delegation presented a thorough explanation of the "Government Entities Portal" that has been developed by the Department to provide the best smart government services in line with its strategic plan and the Dubai 2021 Plan to achieve the vision of our leadership to make Dubai the smartest destination in the world.

The meeting was attended by Colonel Dr. Ahmed Al Mansouri, Director of the Legal Affairs Department at the General Department of Human Rights at Dubai Police, Captain Dr. Faysal Saleh, Head of Contracts and Conventions [SB1] and a number of employees of the General Department of Human Rights. The guest delegation included Mr. Sherif Ahmed Braery, Head of Amicable Settlement of Government Disputes, Ms. Gemma Nemer Head of Government Legal Support Section and Mr. Ahmed Amiri, from Government Disputes and Claims Directorate and a number of employees.

Mrs. Al Falassi noted: "the Legal Affairs Department's "Government Entities Portal", is an online portal, in both the English and Arabic language, which enables government entities in Dubai to apply to the Department to obtain all government legal support services. These services include requests for disputes and government claims and requests for preparation, reviewing and drafting of government contracts agreements and other legal services, as well as following up, updating and reviewing those requests and adding new activities to them in an effective and efficient manner."

She added: "As part of its continuous efforts to raise the bar of the quality of services, the Department launched this latest smart solution for its customers. This service allows government entities to benefit from the legal services provided by the Department to government entities by enabling them to use the "Government Entities  Portal" with ease to complete their transactions.. This is perfectly aligned with the vision and aspirations of the leadership to combine government efforts to transform Dubai into a world-class city.

Legal Affairs Department briefs Dubai Police on “Government Entities Portal”

Legal Affairs Department briefs Dubai Police on “Government Entities Portal”