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  • Events — April 25, 2017

    Ms. Shaikha Al Qattan for winning first place in Distinguished New Employee Category of the Dubai Government Excellence Program

  • Events — December 15, 2016

    Innovate with the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department by sharing your innovative ideas. Owners of implemented ideas will be rewarded

  • Events — September 19, 2016

    Get Involved in the Development of Our Strategic Plan

  • Events — May 22, 2015

    Government Entities Portal

  • Events — May 22, 2015


  • Events — May 22, 2015

    Legal Profession System

Services to Advocates and Legal Consultants

Professional Training and Development

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, as the regulator for the  legal profession in the Emirate of Dubai, seeks to develop the regulatory framework of continuing legal and professional development (CLPD)  for advocates and legal consultants. Our objective is to maintain the best legal learning and training standards whilst enhancing the quality of legal services provided by practitioners of the legal profession in the Emirate.
The Department will integrate a programme in line with the continuing legal and professional development needs of all advocates and legal consultants employed by advocacy and legal consultancy firms, with the aim of enhancing legal knowledge and skills ensuring legal services provided in the Emirate meet international best practice standards.
This programme will enable all legal professionals in the Emirate of Dubai,  to enrol in specialised training courses such as “Professional Ethics and Legal Framework” and “Management of Law Firms” that address their needs and help them acquire the knowledge and skills required for ensuring excellence in the provision of legal services to their clients.

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