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Services provided to persons with disabilities

The Department has given priority, as part of its social responsibility, providing a work environment friendly to and supporting of people with disabilities, according to the best criteria available in this respect, as follows:

Policy of the Department towards People with Disabilities

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department seeks to create an appropriate and supportive environment for people with disabilities and develop communication channels to reach them, enabling them to access the facilities, services and information provided by the Department. Hence, the following policy towards people with disabilities has been adopted by the Department: 

  • Equipping facilities of the Department to enable people with disabilities to easily access and benefit from them;
  • Providing means of communication to receive and reply to applications and enquiries of people with disabilities in relation to services provided by the Department. These will include the website, a phone number specified for that aim, or any other means adopted by the Department;
  • parking spaces will be designated for customers with disabilities who are visiting the Department;
  • One employee will be trained and assigned to carry out matters related to people with disabilities at the Department, and giving them priority when visiting the Department, and reaching their location if necessary in order to help them complete their matters at the Department.
  • A special follow-up team will be set up to implement this policy and any other requirements relevant to people with disabilities.
  • The Director General will, on a case-by-case basis, take supportive measures for any person with disabilities.

Integration and empowerment of people with disabilities

The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department is committed to integrate, empower and give fair employment opportunities to people with disabilities through the following:

    1. Spare no effort to recruit and appoint UAE nationals with disabilities in positions that fit their health conditions and enable them to perform their duties;

    2. Give priority in recruitment to job applicants with disabilities, unless their disabilities prevent them from performing the job duties according to a medical report issued by a competent medical committee approved by the Department, and

    3. Provide the Department's employees having disabilities with all necessary means to perform their job duties, equip their workstations appropriately according to the nature of their specific needs, and develop career and professional advancement programs in the different aspects of their work in the Department.

Contact Information
Email Address :
Telephone Number : +971566811101 

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